Acoustic Wood Ceiling

Wooden Ceilings pannels are natural wood looking, with several perforation types, aquistic, available in different sizes, shapes and applications. These pannels are used on ceiling and covering walls. 

Product Features

General Specifications:
• Natural look.
• Several colour and design options.
• High aqoustic performance with different perforation types.
• Applicable to T24 and T15 hidden carriers. 
• Easy installation and dismantle.
Wood Pannels Types:
• Lay-on and Lay-in
• Hidden Carrier
• Hidden Z Carrier
• Linear
• Specific demands



Product Detail

Because of sensitive structure, production technology and labour, they should be considered as decorative item and should be packed carefully in a ventilated, kick proof, moist proof (max %50) and heat proof (15-35 C), against bending. When  necessary, painted or waxed surfaces can be retouched.
Carrier sysem:
For wall - Lamba-Zıvana, Aluminium H Profile 
For ceiling - T15 / T24, Channelled  Fuga,   Aluminium  Profile . 
Only acoustic fabric suggested to use for all products, because of high qualiy standards.


Technical Detail