Green Moisture Resistant Gypsum Board

Gypsumboard Green is used for construction of internal space suspended ceilings, curtain walls and section walls, where moisture resistance is requested.
Gypsumboard Green is composed of gypsum and paper pulp at the core and special surface cardboard, covered to both sides. Section, referred as core, is reinforced by water retardant additives and fibers, produced specific for this work in order toincrease moisture resistance performance of the gypsum plate.
Highly pure natural gypsum at core section maintains hardness, resistance, lightness and processability to the plate.
Plate’s flexibility and resistance is maintained via special surface cardboard, available on both sides.
It can be covered with tiles with using primers and flex adhesives, appropriate for wet volumes.
It can be cut easily via utility knife.
All applications, constructed with Gypsumboard Green, are light, flexible and solid, and as it is attached to the building bearings via flexible adhesion details, it maintains secure structures against earthquake.
Walls, constructed with using Gypsumboard Green, has thinner cross-sections compared to traditionally constructed walls, and saves location.
It is easy to use, and maintains rapid construction. It maintains cost effective construction applications.

Product Detail

Thickness: 12,5; 15 mm
Lenght: 2500 mm
Width: 1200 mm