Outdoor Gypsum Board

Outwear is an external surface plate, reinforced felt type fibers and of which fire endurance and surface hardness are increased as well as water absorption rate is decreased.
Outwear, is composed of cover, made up of special felt type fibers on both surfaces, and gypsum, glass wool, fibers and special additives at core.
No material, harmful to human health, is included to this product. There is no organic structure within it, and it is fully inorganic.
It does not include moisture inside and does not allow water particles to penetrate. Mold resistance of Outwear is very high.
Outwear is a A1 class fire proof material. It has no harmful gas emission to human or environment during a possible fire.
It has H1 class water resistance, and does not allow water to penetrate its structure.
It has I class, and surface hardness is increased as well as resistant against impacts and hits.
It has R class and its core resistance is increased.
Outwear is light and easy to transport. It is labor effective during horizontal and vertical transportations.
Outwear can be cut via utility knife. It is applied via screwing. Every location on the plate is appropriate for screwing.
Outwear can be applied under any weather condition. It is resistant against impacts. It does not decrease its performance even no cover is made on to it for a period of one year.


Product Detail

Thickness: 12,5; 15 mm
Lenght: 2500 mm
Width: 1200 mm