T Grids

T24 Profiles, According to Turkish Standard"Suspended Ceilings — Requirements and Test Methods", our profiles load carrying capacity is tested with Metal Suspended Ceiling Profile.
Bending Test and achieved the load carrying performance with less than 0,2 mm. curve, we are accredited to have this European Standard TSE-EN-13964 conformity. It has high carrying capacity. It is well balanced and don‘t get curved.
T24 Carrier Profiles. With the specially designed locking system, it can be used with Metal, Mineralwool, Vynil Laminated Drywall, Glasswool,Wood suspended ceiling systems. By the perfectly compatible cross and main T profiles. It is appropriate to use not only for small ceilings but also wide ones. 24 Carrier Profiles.There are expension holes on profiles and they let profiles expand at the fire, so the ceiling keeps stable, preventingany collapse. T24 Carrier Profiles, are fully suitable with the lighting, air-conditioning, fire sprinkler etc. equipments.

  • There are standard colours and dimensions, also custom production can be made with different colours and dimensions.
  • There would be no corrosion between paneland carrier system.
  • When reaching in to the ceiling needed, It can be dismantled easily. If change or dismantle required, It's is durable for re-using, and keep It's flne looking, for a long time.
  • Fire resistant.
  • Long life and saves the form.

T24 Carrier System Profiles And Accessories.





T 24 Main Carrier

3600 mm

36 mm

T 24 Cross Carrier

1200,600,300 mm

27 mm

L Profile 19*19

3000 mm

19/19 mm

L Profile 19*22

3000 mm

19/22 mm

Z Profile

3000 mm 

20/15/8/15 mm


Product Detail

Standards .
TS-EN-13964-04 OISO 9001 OISO 14001 OCE SO18001
It’s being roll formed with corrosion resistant hot dip galvanised steel plates. It is homogen and fire resistance class is A1. Steel structure must be flexible enough to install and dismantle without using atool.
Maximum Curve:

Maximum curve of modular suspended ceiling system’s visible carrier against load is less than 0,2mm as tested with TS-EN-13964 “Suspended Ceilings - Requirements and Test Methods".
Standart Ral 9016 white, Ral 9005 black, Ral 9006 grey or any Ral colours.

1. Main Tee 3600 mm
2. Cross Tee 1200 mm
3. Cross Tee 600 mm
4. Cross Tee 300 mm
5. L/Z Profiles 3000 mm
6. Steel Anchor
7. Double Spring
8.Hanger Wire

Technical Detail