Vinyl Gypsum Board

Vynil Laminated Gypsum Ceiling.
Long life, economic, decorative and aqoustic performance can be increased by several perforation types. 

Product Features


  • Durable at moist or steamy environments.
  • Stain proof, easy cleaning.
  • Decorative several designs.
  • Ventilation,  lighting and anti-fire equipment is applicable.
  • More aqoustic value and decorative view can be achieved by several perforation choices.
  • Easy installation and access.

Product Detail

Material: Vynil laminated gypsum board
Pannel Size: 600x600 mm
Pannel Thickness: 8 mm
Carrier Sistem: Corrosion resistant, roll formed hot dip galvanised steel, homojen, A1 Class Fire Rated.
Colour:  Plain White, Fissured White, Sphere White, Beech, Sphere Grey, Granite. 
Vinyl Laminated Gypsum  Board. 
Size: 595 x 595 x 8 mm
Weight: 5,42 kg / m2
System: T24 - T15 Lay On
Edge: Square Edge
Back: Foiled
Box Includes: 10 pcs / 3,6 m2




Technical Detail